Wiper & True

Today, we’ve outgrown our roots as nomadic brewers, and operate out of two production sites. The first, a brewery we built in St Werburghs, Bristol, is where we focus on our core range of beers, constantly refining the recipes to bring you an ever evolving, perfect pour. At our second Bristol site, the Barrel Store, work continues on our complex, mixed fermentation and wild yeasted beers. Here, we serve as custodians over our barrel-aged brews as they develop on different kinds of wood.  Ever evolving in the quest for refinement, all of our recipes stem from the desire to create something beautiful and delicious.

Wiper and true - Barrel Aged Plum Pudding Porter 7.6%
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Wiper and true - Barrel Aged Plum Pudding Porter 7.6%

Porter - This is a truly indulgent beer. With a recipe laced with dark toasted malts, dried fruits and lemon zest, a six month stint in oak cognac barrels elevates things to a whole new level. Distinctive notes of rich dried prunes linger at the fore, with sweet marzipan flavours adding to the festive feel. Store and serve chilled.