Howling Hops

Howling Hops brew bold, modern, uncompromised, flavoursome, generously hopped beers. All our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and suitable for vegans. We still stick to our early philosophy of ‘make some interesting beer’, although not every one is different these days. Beers like Tropical Deluxe and our House IPA are available more often, and the rest of our line-up comprises of new recipes and fresh ideas. 

Howling Hops - House IPA 6.9%
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Howling Hops - House IPA 6.9%

New England IPA - A light and fluffy body,  delicate carbonation, and a big-hitting dry-hop combo of Mosaic and Motueka. Aromas of mango and pineapple. More tropical fruit on the tongue. Super drinkable and very moreish.

6 for £25
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Howling Hops - One Ton Camp 5.5%

Porter - One Ton Camp is a delicious new 5.5% Porter! Well-stocked with comforting malts and a clean, weatherproof hop profile, this is a complex and well-balanced dark beer that's built to last.

6 for £20
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Howling Hops - Penny Floater 7.5%

NEIPA - This 7.5% IPA floats like a plastic football and stings like a DIPA, with a trio of tremendous hop hitters. Trip the light fantastic on juicy Galaxy, supercharged cryo Sabro and smooth Citra, for a formidable flavour profile of tangerine, coconut and peach. Can we have our ball back, please?

6 for £30