Equilibrium Brewery

We intend to make uncompromisingly great beer founded on scientific principles and a love for drinking craft beer. We will brew what we love to drink and share this with you. Our beer recipes were tested through countless iterations and currently reflect our state-of-the science brewing knowledge.We consider ourselves an experimental brewery with emphasis on research and exploration. We are driven by inspiration and curiosity as both scientists and beer drinkers. We want to share the results of our research and inspiration as it occurs in an organic process.We would like to provide our local community with the freshest and most delicious beer by working with local producers of fresh ingredients when possible. We believe this is essential in achieving an equilibrium between local supply and demand, which is where we hope this beer business will finally land when the dust settles. We maintain enough product control over distribution and turnover to ensure that you, the beer drinker, has the best experience possible. All our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized - meaning they are living, “breathing”, dynamic products that will evolve over time, generally transitioning from bold to graceful.