Deviant & Dandy Brewery

Hotly tipped East London trio Deviant & Dandy are bringing fresh noise to the London brewing scene from their Hackney ex-garage with an exciting mashup of expert brewing and a fearless disregard for taking risks. Head brewer Darren Walker delivers master crafted recipes and has the kind of intense passion for making fantastic beer that you just can’t teach – a bona fide rockstar of the craft community.

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Deviant & Dandy - No Figgity 8%

Imperial Stout - Deviant & Dandy's latest collaboration is with Old Street Brewery and comes in at a jolly 8% ABV and includes fresh figs, cocoa nibs and a good helping of Tonka Beans which gives it aromas not unlike a mix of vanilla, cherry, almond, and something spicy like cinnamon.