Anspach & Hobday

Leading the new wave of craft beer in London, Anspach & Hobday curates a mix of modern and classic flavours. Pouring quality into everything we do, our beers are anything but the usual. Between our classic core range, palate pleasing experimental beers and collaborations, we’ve crafted something for everyone.

Anspatch & Hobday - The Lager 4.7%
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Anspatch & Hobday - The Lager 4.7%

Lager - Inspired by the Helles lagerbiers of Munich, this is a true London lager. German malt, European malts and London water come together to produce a smooth, crisp and flavourful beer. In the spirit of Das Reinheistgebot, Anspatch & Hobday use the spunding method to carbonate their lager naturally, while an extended cold storage in horizontal lager tanks gives our beer time to condition and mature. As all true lagers must.